About Our School » Staff



Mrs. L. Picton, [email protected]

Vice Principal

Ms. K. Helfrich, [email protected]


Mrs. H. Hogan [email protected] for Mrs. C. McLuskie, [email protected]


Community School Coordinator

Ms. M. Blakely, [email protected]


Indigenous Education W 

Ms. L. Walters, [email protected] - Indigenous Education Worker

Ms. L. Montgomery, [email protected] - Indigenous Education Worker

Ms. K. Kelly - [email protected] - Indigenous Education Social Worker 


Classroom Teachers

Ms. J. Hapke - Grade K - Div. 1 - [email protected]

Ms. M. Sandu - Grade K/1  -  Div. 2 - [email protected]

Ms. J. Wiegand - Grade 1 - Div. 3 - [email protected]

Mrs. L. Prosofsky - Grade 1/2 - Div. 4 - [email protected]

Ms. S. Heighington - Grade 2 - Div. 5 - [email protected]

Ms. C. Boef - Grade 2/3 - Div. 6 - [email protected]

Ms. L. Eveneshen - Grade 3 - Div. 7 - [email protected]

Ms. C. Howard - Grade 4 - Div. 8 - [email protected]

Mrs. T. Blackburn - Grade 4/5 - Div. 9 - [email protected]  

Ms. H. Coulling - Grade 5/6- Div. 10 - [email protected]

Mrs. D. Johnson - Grade 6/7 - Div. 11- [email protected]

Mrs. K. Carson - Grade 6/7 - Div. 12 -[email protected]


Support Teachers

Mr. D. Prenger - (Gym and Intermediate Intervention) - [email protected]

Ms. L.  Neville (Counselor and Intermediate Intervention) - [email protected]

Ms. K. Jenkins (English Language Support) - [email protected]

Mr. T. Makowsky (English Language Support) - [email protected]

Ms. N. Meeks (English Language Support) - [email protected]

Ms. E. King (Resource teacher) - [email protected]

Mr. N. Brassard (Learning Commons and Resource) - [email protected] / Library Clerk -  Ms. D. Desbiends

Ms. E. Brough (Primary Intervention) - [email protected]

Ms. R. Coelho (Intermediate Intervention) - [email protected] 


Educational Assistants

Ms. S. Stonehouse

Ms. B. Naeth

Mrs. F. Mann

Ms. C. Zotich

Mrs. P. Astorino

Ms. M. Tataryn

Ms. C. Pope

Mrs. S. Cox

Mrs. K. McDiarmid

Mrs. S. Carlson

Mrs. L. Dlhouy

Mrs. L. Hartgerink

Ms. B. Saunderson

Ms. S. Furlong

Mr. Z. Carlson
Ms. D. Buan 

Youth Care Worker

Ms. D. Tinney

Strong Start

Ms. D. Meise - [email protected]

Library Clerk

Ms. D. Desbiens


Mr. L. Bautista

Ms. K. Hannam